Golden Girls Magnet Set

$ 5.99

These handmade glass magnets are perfect gift for your bestie - or your group of besties - not to mention any fan of the Golden Girls! This set of hand-crafted magnets are great for your kitchen refrigerator or home office - and they'll be the talk of the workplace, too.


Materials: glass, paper, magnet, adhesive

Made to order - ships within 4 business days.

Item details


The glass measures just over 1-inch in diameter (30 mm) and the magnets on the back measure 5/8-inch. The glass dome creates a magnifying and dimensional effect to the image below creating a truly unique magnet.


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this medium, there may be small scratches or bubbles in the glass.



We can create a custom design just for you! We have the uncanny ability to listen to the description of your needs and make the perfect magnet, exactly to your specifications. Browse the store for inspiration - we're  adding new designs every week. Feel free to contact us today to get your custom order started!


WARNING: Please keep away from small children due to choking hazard.


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Meet our Designer

Since I was a wee tyke, I have always considered myself an artist. I earned a degree in graphic design and am am fortunate to have a successful design career. Crafting is a wonderful artistic outlet that I love to share!


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